Video and audio content have undisputably become the number one form of content consumed, liked and shared online in recent years. Barely a week passes with out a new set of reports demonstrating what anybody with a smartphone, laptop or computer, already knows. We all have been watching video and listening to podcasts.


  • Technology: Bigger, brighter screens on smartphones and tablets, high speed always-on connections and much better mobile cameras. Most new smartphones now film in 4K.
  • Time: It’s quicker to watch a 60-second video teaching you how your brand-new gadget works than it is to read the manual. This also is true for (blog) articles vs. podcasts, news, entertainment, etc. Audio/Podcasts can be consumed while driving, jogging, eating, relaxing, etc.
  • Education: Video is now the go-to content source because it makes teaching new skills like cooking, webdesign, etc. very easy, quick to understand and vivid.
  • Engagement: Video and Podcasts have higher rates of audience engagement than any other form of online content. People don’t want to read a lot of text on their phone, they may be annoyed by interruptive ads and also have no interest in old style marketing information. We are in a visual age and people want to be amused, stimulated and enlightened in a visual format.

“Video is a mega trend on the same order as mobile”, according to Mark Zuckerberg. Online video is the choice of content to view online for all ages, all over the world.