Our Business Verticals

m² eCommerce Services was founded in 2007 and provides results-driven performance marketing services throughout all available online channels and across a wide range of verticals such as:

  • education
  • internships
  • travel
  • mobile
  • health & beauty
  • baby
  • maternity
  • computer and internet security
  • data protection
  • privacy
  • cloud computing
  • hosting
  • gaming
  • weight loss
  • finance
  • insurance
  • dating

and many more. We believe that focus is key to success so we really narrow down our target markets and use strong, compelling and clear branding to have more effective marketing spending. We strive to achieve and promote synergistic effects in research and marketing by optimizing the compatibility of our existing verticals with new verticals.

Our staff is multilingual and we are active across the whole globe with marketing professionals in the United States, Europe and Asia.